Handpicked, 100% Ripe Arabica-Caracolillo Coffee

At Café Salomé, we hold our exclusive high-quality coffee to a high standard for our valued customers  around the nation. . whose cool climate and high mountains are an ideal setting for producing one of the world's best coffees. Direct sunlight and rainwater give the bean its distinctly ripe, fruity palate, which provides the coffee with a sweet taste and pleasant acidity. Our Single Origin Arabica-Caracolillo coffee bean is handpicked , from the North Central agricultural region of Puerto Rico, where the legend that gives Café Salomé its origins and history takes place.

Perfect Condition from Harvest to Cup

The Arabica beans are processed in an ecological coffee mill using chemical-free rainwater on the same day they are picked. After being dried in a silo at low temperatures for 22 hours, the beans are carefully selected by size, weight, and color. They are then lightly toasted to obtain the best taste and quality possible and give the coffee a balanced flavor.

Our Special Caracolillo Coffee

Caracolillo is a special type of grain. Normally, the fruit of the coffee plant develops like two halves of grain in a cherry, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized and the cherry contains a single grain that is smaller than the others. It is obtained from the cherries that grow on the tips of the coffee tree, so they develop differently. Caracolillo grain tends to be more acidic than the clod and is often used to increase the acidity of a coffee in particular.

Quality that Goes Against the Grain

Paradoxically, the defect in the grain caused by its irregular shape is also an advantage. These grains have become a favorite for roasting because their rounded shape favors a more even tan, and the alleged higher grain density can improve heat transfer. Usually, they roast faster than conventional grains and require special attention. Regardless of grain shape, Caracolillo has become a specialty coffee because it is carefully selected for optimum quality.